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Jun 19, 2009
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In your dreams!
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You can all thank me in this thread.
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I think I did pretty well. I made it to 27 seconds before I clicked [Stop].
Mish.. you are really getting that SADISM stuff down! Making it HURT! Go gurl! ;)
im totally gonna play this the next time me and the wife know. :spank:
All I have to say is:

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It's a catchy tune...gotta keep playing it!!

Charlie... lol That's right!! You do what I say or you get the Mr. Trololo!!!
I got further - but only because I clicked play and then moved to another tab and my browser froze - but the audio kept playing - I WAS TRAPPED for over 60 seconds!!!!

That said I should technically have spent more than 2 seconds looking at the title/image before clicking play :p
I had that as my ringtone for the longest time.

Warning epic shredding
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What noo this metal is better

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I am proud to say I've watched this all the way through... MULTIPLE times.

I find it deeply fascinating.
You know you were humming that after you listened to
I hate it when I get to the end of the thread before the punchline...:(

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