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Mar 18, 2021
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The Colony, Texas, USA
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Decided to take the 1st and 2nd off, to make a nice long weekend. Did some grandfather-granddaughter bonding, and we spent four hours walking around looking for the alligators and bison. Didn't see any of either. It was hot and humid, and barely a stir of a breeze at times, so she was a real trooper tromping around with gramps.
FtWorthNatureCenter2021070101 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr
FtWorthNatureCenter2021070102 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr
FtWorthNatureCenter2021070103 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr
FtWorthNatureCenter2021070104 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr
FtWorthNatureCenter2021070105 by Jeff Ashman, on Flickr
Nice set. Seems like a nice enough place but it seems to be lacking birds. I'm sure there's an explanation for it.
Very nice place, but you need a kayak to really see the birds and alligators, because they are on mud bars away from the trails. Also, I was there during mid-day on a very hot and humid day, and the birds had sense to find shade and be still. I saw some herons and egrets, but at a distance. Also saw the rare F-15 Eagle from the JRB nearby. :) Got a pic, but it was too far away to be decent. I would have explored more, but I was pushing my granddaughter pretty hard as it was just on the four miles that we walked. I'll return by myself at a near future date.
Nice set! And that reminds me. I need to get out in my kayak again, soon.

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