FOTGA Super Thin Fader ND2~ND400 Filter (67mm)

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Nov 4, 2009
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The FOTGA Fader ND Filter is adjustable from ND2, ND4, ND8… to ND400 Infinitely, satisfied different shooting conditions. And with 67mm male thread/ 72mm female thread can be mounted to 67mm lens or attached to 72mm additional filter. Compact size for convenient to carry, ideal for famous photographers, film directors or other photography hobby.


Features: Neutral Density (ND) filters can reduce the intensity of light without appreciably changing its color. Classic ND filters have different f-stop reduction numbers and transmittance thus generated can be applied for different shooting conditions, such as portraiture, water falls, etc…
Mark scale and "Min" (the lightest), "Max" (darkest) tags on the outer ring to help users accurately resets to a certain density
through rotating the filter ring, this filter can change neutral density (ND) from ND2 to ND400, replace dozens of all grade of density ND gray filters
Apply slow shutter speed under strong sunlight exposure, large aperture is available to create depth of field easily.
Provide the best image performance with lens with focal length 200mm below. Image quality may drop when focal length above 200mm
Specification: Material: Optical Glass
Back thread diameter (attach to lens, male thread): 67mm
Front thread diameter (attach additional filter, female thread): 72mm
Net weight: 33g
Contains: 1 x 67mm FOTGA Fader ND Filter

It costs only $14.51, cheap price and high quality do you want to buy a one?
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Long exposure time is only applicable to production at night? No! People actually shooting images in sunlight, photography is also available in a few seconds, and even a few minutes of exposure, "secret" is the use of the ND reduce light filters. Choose a best ND filter for your camera now,

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