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Mar 30, 2009
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Ashland, Ky.
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I've been looking at alot of different cameras online and have decided to upgrade my point and shoot for a DSLR. I have a limited budget, and these cameras are very expensive so I thought that I would try my luck at the local pawn shops. I found a Pentax K10D 10.0 MP with 12x optical zoom for $489.00. The worker at this pawn shop said that they would for sure take $400.00, and may come down more. Is this a good deal on a used camera or should I hold out?
DSLR and what I assume is an 18-200 or 28-300? Do it now!

Er, OK, maybe you should find out a bit more. What, exactly, are the lens specs?
See, this is all new to me. I don't know much at all about lenses. That is something I am going to have to learn alot more about. I know that the lens said 18-55! I'm not even sure what that means!
18-55 is a pretty standard lens. 55/18 is like 3.1 so it's a 3.1X. 18mm is pretty wide and 55 is not that long. Check out your p&s and see what kind of lens it have so it'll give you a better idea.
OK, that makes a bit more sense. I'm not sure where you got 12x zoom from; 18-55mm is a 3x zoom. That's a pretty standard kit lens length.

Amazon has the K10D body-only for $600 new so, at $400 for a used body with kit lens, that seems like a decent deal if it's in good shape. If you can negotiate the price even lower, go for it.
A K10D is a very capable digital SLR, and a step above the D40/Rebelwhatever entry-level bodies on the DSLR pyramid (prosumer, advanced amateur, whatever the marketing people tell tou to call "the middle ground"). Keep in mind that it is one generation outdated (replaced by the highly praised K20D), but you're getting a lot more capability in exchange for going something that's one generation back. I say it's definitely worth going for- K10Ds are very nice cameras, and even though I think the obsession with "pro" equipment and techniques and other things in amateur photography communities is ridiculous, it is some sort of testament to the K10D that more than a few "pro" photographers used them to earn money.

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