Finally bought my first DSLR... BUT!!!

I’ve been at this nearly 50 years and still have a few more lenses I’d like to get.
I've done some swinging door buy and sell on lenses. Early on with digital I had the 70-200 f/2.8 IS-USM Canon lens. I sold it and got the f/4 non-is version. Easily a money swing and I like the little Brother better. The other difference that I appreciate (and they are both just as sharp) is the f/4 non-IS weighs around 3.5 pounds and the f/2.8 is double that. Hand held anyone? Plus with that extra money, I could afford more lenses? :encouragement:

100-400, one of my only new lenses ever. I was disappointed. After reading, some people love that lens, so good and bad copies, I got one of not so good ones? It's gone, I bought a 35-300 and it's one of my favorites. Then I still needed a 400mm so I got a "great deal" on the F/2.8 version one, non-IS. Loved it, but, weight and carrying it, and I'm not a kid anymore, so I sold it (for same as I paid) and got a EF L 400mm f/5.6. Love it!

I only have one lens right now that I want/need. I didn't before but now I do. Of all things it's a EF-S lens which I've steered away from. The 35mm Macro lens. Problem is, it looks like with the R lenses coming in and Canon dropping production of some of the EF lenses, I can't get one anywhere and the prices on eBay are absurd. Listings starting at higher than new from B&H. (but of course unobtainable as they are on back order)

What set me on to this was the 28mm EF-M that I got for my M. Built in, little LED ring light. When I'm doing some new projects, close ups, the overhead setup or light stand, doesn't give me enough distance for the 100mm Macro, which is a fantastic sharp all around lens. I'm telling myself I need that 35mm. M lens adapters don't exist.

But I want to mention one lens that I got and I'm ready to sell and I used it one day and one time after that around the yard. Can't pass up a deal, right? Canon 200mm f/1.8 L and it's like new and the images are everything as good as anyone would imagine. Bright colors, sharp, fast, just stunning. But I really don't need it. It was one of those, "I'd like to own one of these". Well I do and I'd like to make that, I did.

Same guy retiring had a 300mm IS-USM II f/2.8 looks like new. How could I pass it up? Selling both...

Then I can get that 300mm F/2.8 NON-IS, that's the "perfect lens" that I need. (until the next perfect lens that I need, comes along?) I'm looking for a well used, functional copy, so I don't have to worry about depreciating my big white lens by using it.


This also explains why I drive a 2006 Dodge Caravan with over 200,000 miles.

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