Fox In Boston - please C&C


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Nov 4, 2011
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These were taken with a canon sx130 point and shoot camera, the first is the original and the second is with a little photoshop.


Its a cool photo of something that I suspect you don't see everyday in Boston! Plus, I just have a thing for Foxes and can't help but think of them as beautiful animals. As for the photo from a technical point of view, I think you did well for a point a shoot and a "snapshot" type of photo (I suspect that term could be used literally as it looks like this guy wasn't into hanging around), but I would leave it at that. If you ask for technical CC that might be applied to a higher caliber, more intentional photo, I'm afraid that this one would get crushed with negative points.

As I said, its a unique photo that tells a cool story, appreciate it for that :)
Play with Photoshop a bit more... try to adjust the whtie balance just a bit cooler, maybe some more contrast, play with the clone/healing tool to clean up some of the bare spots in the grass, and select and sharpen only the fox just a bit.

LIke it was said above, it's a good snapshot of something not normally expected. Just have fun with it playing on the computer.

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