Framing an A2 print (from P800) - workflow questions


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Aug 27, 2014
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Hi all,

I've recently started printing my own images with an Epson P800 and am looking to matt & frame them myself, too, as soon as I learn how to do that and acquire the necessary supplies.

Having watched hours of tutorial videos on the subject both on and YouTube, I found the methodology taught on Robert Rodriguez Jr's Matting and Framing Tutorial to be worth pursuing, with some minor modifications to be better suited for my purposes. Firstly, for now, I probably won't try to cut my own glass or build the frame as I have enough new stuff to learn as is. Secondly, as I understood that you can do the whole process in a way that allows you to change the image in the frame later if necessary, I would really like to do the matting and framing so that I can do that. I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have for these two choices.

If I'll end up following this process, I'm thinking I need to buy at least the following:
  • The frame itself
  • Backing board
  • Mount
  • Photo corners to hold the print in place
  • Glazing (I'm considering True Vue Museum Glass)
  • Some string to hang the finished art work with and other small supplies
As I've never actually done any framing in practice, the above list isn't probably complete. Something relevant I'm missing here?

Also, any thoughts on where to get the stuff? I live in Finland, so in case someone knows any good Europe-based retailers, those would likely work the best for me, but I'm willing to consider further-away options as well.

With a quick look, I found at least one framing shop that would sell bespoke frames, for which I could choose the glazing to be Tru Vue Museum Glass as well. So, from them I would get all else and would then do the mount myself. This is a tempting choice for first-timer like myself but I'd assume that they will charge astronomical mark-ups for the service. What do you think, would this be a nice, easy road to go at this point?

Please feel free to suggest other alternatives as well and thanks for your help in advance!


Dave Colangelo

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Apr 27, 2016
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I live here in the states so i can only really speak to what I can find but Im sure that there is some kind of equivalent where you are and with the internet you can get ahold of pretty much anything you need, on any note here is what I buy vs what i do my self when I frame. In no particular order:

- Here in the states you can get pre fab frames with a range of glass types in them at you local arts store. Since the glass is generally standard sizes you can always pull a cheap sheet of plexi out and replace it with what ever you please. FWIW glass is actually super easy to cut at home, i have started doing it for my 4x5 recently and its not nearly as scary as I thought all you need is a $5 tool thats pretty easy to get. I generally use what ever comes in the frame these days but have considered other stuff.

- Mats are very easy to cut if you have a bevel cutter all you need is mat board. Here in the states stores charge a lot for mat's for some strange reason so my cutter (~$100) has already more than paid for its self and I have only framed a few things.

- I use one strip of acid free linen tape at the top of the piece to hang it in the mat. I dont use corners and i have been told my some framers that its good to hang it because supporting it from all corners can cause it to curl if the mat or piece starts to shift or stretch a bit

- Most pre-fab frames have some kind of backing out of the box. Any shop that sells mat board should have what you need for backing as well. You can also mount the piece to the backing by using a single piece of tape on top as well.


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