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Aug 17, 2013
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Hey guys, yes I've googled and Youtubed this question, but i am a simpleton. All i want to do is move pictures from apple aperture to the latest iMovie. Its all updated with the latest. Now i can get the shots into iMovie, but then what? Ive poked every button, symbol on the screen and nothing. Too the point i ran outside and gave the neighbourhood a good yelling too. I know its me and my lack of understanding of modern technology. But i find it all very frustrating. So all I'm after is turning a few hundred photos into a time-lapse. Any help would be much appreciated.

And yes i know i need to move to lightroom! But hey one thing at a time guys.
Don't know about Apple stuff but in PS the action is "RENDER". So once I have the pics in the program I would choose Render to bring up the menu to save the video.

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