From London to Thorpe Bay


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Mar 1, 2009
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Hi I'm new on here, i started doing photography in September for an AS course in college, 16, i loooove photography.

Here are some of my photographs that i have taken recently, a homeless person from London, and another of the beach huts in Thorpe Bay :)

feel free to comment :)

looks like ur using a generic lens hood which can be seen at the corners of the shots. otherwise they would be quite nice shots
you have some nice stuff on your flickr, if ur using a short kit lens i would bin that lens hood
ive considered popping to london to take some of the down and outs. that bloke in your photo looks well weathered! im from essex originally too!
haha wow cool :D
yea that man is outside the national portrait gallery, ive seen him there a few times, friendly fellow :)
I really, really like the top photo of elderly gentleman.
Hey, another 16 year old haha.

I love the shots of the homeless man.
I think if I tried to take a photo of a hobo in Toronto i'd have him chasing me down the street
Great pictures on all. Especially the solo shot of the homeless man. And the other two included adds a nice touch making it a series. As for the first picture i really want to like it, the colors are great, exposure is could not be better, but that pole in the bottom left just kind of throws me off a bit. Draws too much attention. But it's a matter of taste, some might find it appealing.
allen i know what you mean by the pole! haha i could not possibly get it out of the shot >.< thanks any way everyone for commenting :D

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