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Oct 23, 2007
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Let me know how i'm coming along
here are a few from yesterday




All views and no responses???
I like them, first one is definitely a winner. However I'm not a fan of that border, the inside line that's half transparent annoys me. Also, get rid of that watermark, it's way too big.
I'd try that third picture with that plant more to the right/left, just in the middle is kinda boring.
I like 1 and 2. Like ernie said, 3 could use a little better composition and 4 is just kind of boring to me.
I appreciate the reply's
How are you coming along in terms of what? Anything in particular, or anything and everything?
Well. To be quite honest I feel the subject matter is a little tired. There are really only so many possible combinations of willows and streams. I think they were exhausted long ago.

The cat-tail is nice, if a bit anti-climactic and reminiscent of a charred corn-dog.

The barbed wire shot is too over-done for my tastes.

All the subjects, except for in the first shot, are dead-centered, which definitely has its compositional place though not often in landscape in my opinion.

They also seem to be a tad bit flat in the dark gray range.

But I think you're on a good track. Just keep practicing.
Generally I like them, the first probably being my favourite. :)

The idea of the barbed-wire shot is interesting. For me, I think the DOF is a touch to shallow, in that it doesn't come from anywhere or lead anywhere if you know what I mean. The fact that it's pretty central probably doesn't help.

Nice photos though. :)
I think they are all nice photos. As stated before, they are all somewhat centered, and do get to be a little boring. I like them as black and white phots, but would like to see a little more contrast/definition (if that makes sense) because nothing seems to really stand out in the photos.
#1 is my favorite.

#2 - the background (other trees) are too much of a distraction for me.

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