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Dec 2, 2007
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FS the following nikon mount lens
Payment from varified Paypal and add 4% fee plus actual shipping cost.

Tokina 300mm f2.8 AF lens,
In exc condtion 9/10 with all original case, filter, lens cap, hood etc.
asking $1300

Sigma 12-24 Ex Full frame lens...this is good for you D3 Users.
In fair condtion 7.5/10 will come with lens hood, front and rea lens cap, sigma lens case asking $500

Sigma 50-500mm lens, this is the BIGMA
in good condition 8/10, will come with lens hood, tripod collar, front and rear les cap asking $800.

Thanks in advance for the interest
Base on some valid concerns raised about new sellers, I'm more then willing to send my number, home address and work link. I'm a professional working in the O & G sector and you can certainly go on my company web site and locate me as a employee.

I hope this will resolve some concerns for some people out there.

Price Reduce for the following

Tokina 300mm f2.8 1200

Sigma 50-500mm 700

Also to add a Tamron 1.4x A-fd MC-4 Teleconveter Japan for 75 plus shipping and paypal. this works great with both the sigma and the tokina.

all plus shipping and Paypal fees.
Do you have any pictures on hand of your lenses? Are there any scratches or blemishes on the lenses? I'm somewhat interested in the 300mm f/2.8. But I don't want you to jump the gun or anything, I'm only SOMEWHAT interested. Thanks. Just wanna make sure you don't think I'm gonna buy it. Consider me as a simple browser in a store.

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