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FS: Canon CJ12EX4.3B IASE Lens


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Oct 11, 2017
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For sale is this wonderful lens, The Canon CJ12EX4.3B IASE Lens is a ground-breaking 2/3” 4K wide angle portable lens with 12x zoom and focal length that extends from an exceptional 4.3mm at the wide end to 52mm. Compact and lightweight, it’s the perfect way to bring high-quality 4K resolution to ENG and studio applications. Easily make the move to 4K shooting with this high quality 2/3” 4K ultra-wide angle portable zoom lens.

More features:
4K resolution 2/3” portable wide angle lens with 12x zoom
Exceptional 4.3mm focal length at the wide end extends to 52mm (104mm using the built-in 2x extender)
Stunning optical performance right to the edge of the image when paired with a 2/3” 4K compatible camera
Combines 4K quality with lightweight design and compact size comparable to HD lenses for comfortable on-shoulder shooting
Sustained 4K performance even when using the built-in 2x extender
Proven, high-quality 16-bit encoder captures precise information on zoom, focus and iris and allows support for aberration correction immediately on start-up
3 20-pin connectors make for effortless use with existing Canon HD lens accessories and virtual systems.

Properly handled and maintained,
The asking Price is $3,550 USD

If you want it, kindly send me a PM or email:
equipments at protonmail dot com

Thanks for looking...!!!!


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