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Oct 11, 2017
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Up for sale is a nicely Century Precision Optics Xtreme Fisheye 0.55x Adapter Lens in excellent working condition, with no known issues. It is for the Panasonic AG-HVX200 and HVX200A camcorders.

A fisheye produces an extraordinary degree of barrel distortion. Adding the lens to the camcorder's zoom lens results in a 160° horizontal angle of view (180° to the corners).

The fisheye exaggerates depth, pulling nearby objects closer and causing distant objects to recede into the background. Due to the lens adapter's characteristic barrel distortion, extreme low- and high-angle shots are made more dramatic. Applications include action sports, underwater photography, music videos, or that dramatic impact shot in tight environments where capturing the field of view is otherwise impossible. This lens will bayonet mount directly to the stock lens of the camcorder.

Has a wider angle of view than the human eye, it is highly recommended by the manufacturer the use of a 15mm rail support system when using the Century Xtreme Fisheye, Bayonet mounts attaches directly to the lens of the camcorder, and it Has a wider angle of view than the human eye.

Asking Price: USD$5500 or nearest offer

If you are interested kindly send me a message,
allsales at protonmail dot com

Thanks for looking..!!


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