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    I am selling these cameras for a friend of mine who runs a film/photography company and is trying to pare down his equipment. Everything is in really good condition and was meticulously cared for by a professional. Many come with extra accessories, so just email me for more info. He also is looking to sell some film editing equipment.

    I have photos of most of the items. Let me know what you are interested in and I can email it to you and we can figure out a fair price together. acarbone@paradisofilmspr.com. I can also put it up on ebay as a buy it now if you would like the security of a third party for the transaction.

    Nikon Nikkor 17-35
    Nikon F100
    Nikon 35ti
    Konica Instant Press
    Leica 35-2.8 Summaron
    Olympus Pen-FT (no body cap)
    Spiratone 100mm F4 Portragon
    Wollensak 127 mm f14.5 raptar alphax shutter
    Polaroid Impulse AF
    Contax (T) with flash camera
    Leica Digilux

    film camera Arriflex 16 mm -- comes with 2 lenses (Xenon 25 1.4/Xenon 50 f2), battery, chargers, 2 magazines, and changing bag

    Canon Optura 200 MC video camera


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