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    I am selling a couple of my Hasselblad film magazines. One is a Polaroid film back and the other is a standard A12 film magazine for 120 film.

    As I only use my Hasselblad these days with a digital back, that is when I do use it, so I thought I would sell off these film magazines to someone who will make use of them.

    The Polaroid film back is the Polaroid 100 Film Magazine made by Hasselblad in Sweden. I mention that because there are Polaroid backs made by other companies for Hasselblad, but this one is an original.

    The A12 film back is a standard Hasselblad 6x6 film magazine for use with all types of 120 B&W, Color, and Slide film. It is the latest design from Hasselblad where the dark slide can be placed in a small slot in the back of the magazine for easy storage when it is removed for picture taking. The older models had no place to store the dark slide and people would often end up either losing them or sticking them in their back pocket where they would get damaged.

    The A12 magazine has a very tiny ding (about 2mm wide) in the plastic on one corner of the plastic housing where the dark slide is stored. The ding is so small it is not even visible in the photo and has not effect on functionality at all.

    I am selling the Polaroid back for $250 and the A12 magazine for $350

    Overall condition of both items is excellent as seen in the photos.

    I have done a fair amount of buying and selling on E*Bay and you can see my feedback here:





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