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Sep 11, 2007
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Ive got a Vintage Kiev 80. This came before the Kiev 88. The Kiev 80 was discontinued in 1975. This camera is the Russian version of a Hasselblad.
The shutters on these camera's have proven to be acceptional. And ive found this camera to be very reliable and rugid. The camera i am selling is in Excellent condition. It looks as if it had been used once and put back in the box. I know for a fact that only 10 rolls of MF film have been ran through it. the camera comes with stock lens made by Vega. It also includes and extra film back and a modified Mamiya Viewfinder. The shutter works flawlessly. and the lens is sound and there is no fungus. The film backs mechanics are like new. All seals are in sound. And everything fits as it should. The camera comes in a Leather Case and the Original box. I also included a Hoya Lens hood and cap.

Overall i dont think you could find a much better example of this camera.
The pictures do not do this camera justice. There is no fade or staining in the covering of the body, waist level finder, or film backs.

I hate to part with it. but I need the cash to get my Pentax into the shop.

Im looking for 300$




Thanks for lookin!

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