FS Nikon D200 *EX* <12k clicks


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Jun 7, 2012
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Picked up the D7100 today. wonderful little camera. i only need so many backup's so this one has to go.
it is in EX condition. works perfectly. less than 12k clicks.
comes with the following:
third party battery x1
d200 neck strap x1
8 gig sandisk ultra 30mb/s CF card x1
4 gig sandisk ultra 30mb/s CF card x1

that's it really. if you have looked through any of my dog park threads, all of those pictures were taken with this camera. (pictures are of the actual camera being listed) Its a real workhorse, and she still has TONS of life left.. asking $300 shipped CONUS and Alaska. (maybe even Canada) I do not ship overseas. check my forum feedback and you will see that everything I have sold here has arrived in exactly the condition I described.
PayPal is my preferred method of payment, as a Gift if you trust me, otherwise I will eat the 3% PayPal fee.

This camera is in perfect working order, but is still sold as a used item AS-IS with no warranties of any kind written or implied. all sales are final. If you are looking for a great performing, rock solid, excellent condition used digital camera, but don't want to take your chances with some beaten up jalopy from Ebay with a "who knows how high" click count that's been thrown around by someones brutish kids...This is the camera for you. It will make someone a great starter camera, or a great backup body. Plus, it has its own focus motor so it will auto focus ANY Nikon AF lens!
Feel free to PM me with any questions, concerns, offers, or my PayPal email

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WOW!!!How did I miss this?I've been waiting for you to offer this one up.I want it.Check your PM's....

EDIT: And Shipped!
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Aw, I was just about to ask if you'd ship to my Nigerian step-father.
Damn. I wanted one of these just so I could say I had the D100, D200, D300. :)
....how bad do you want one?..as this will now make 2 d200's in my bag...after this season,I plan on another body...

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