FS Nikon D90 + MB-D80 battery grip


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Jun 7, 2012
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Up for sale is one of our backup cameras. a D90 with a 5304 shutter count at the time of this post.
lightly used, and in EX+ condition.
comes with the following:
Nikon MB-D80 battery grip (not some knockoff grip)
Nikon EN-EL3e battery x2
third party battery x1
Original Box w/ instruction booklet
Camera is in perfect working order, and in excellent cosmetic shape.
you wont find a cleaner or better cared for D90 anywhere!
You could buy this camera, sell the OEM grip for $100+ and have a barely used D90 for well under $400!
You can take your chances with a slightly cheaper one on Ebay with 5-10 times the shutter actuation's that has probably been dropped a bunch of times, or you can buy this one knowing that you are getting an extremely well cared for camera with just enough clicks to barely be broken in! Why pay the same amount of money for some entry level camera with only ONE command wheel and NO focus motor when you can have this D90 in EX+ condition and barely any clicks? WITH an OEM battery grip! Did I mention this camera only has 5304 clicks?
I mean, seriously, WHAT are you waiting for? just getting started with photography? need a reliable backup camera? Your prayers have just been answered! Christmas has come early this year! Do NOT delay, order NOW!

Asking $500 shipped to CON-US (Priority flat rate shipping is $40 to Canada) I DO NOT ship overseas!
PayPal is my preferred method of payment, but other arrangements can be made as well.
Feel free to PM with any questions, concerns, or offers!

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Did I mention this camera only has 5304 shutter actuation's? Its practically a virgin camera!
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Things fresh. Good luck !
SOLD to MartinCrabtree

I will get it boxed up and shipped out monday or tuesday.
enjoy! shes still got a lot of clicks left to put out for you.


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