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Fs or Ft Canon 580 Ex ii


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Dec 21, 2011
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Id like to sell my speedlite its in excellent condition. i have original box still. im looking to sell it to purchase my first alien bee setup. thus the only thing id trade this for is a bee setup preferably a b800 but im open to other options. can also add a little money for multiple units/ setups. thanks
Keep it, you'd wish you kept It. Both lights have their places.... Get some flashpoints. A search on here will show you some awesome feedback on them. Besides, you will need something to light the cabin of the car up.
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cameramike said:
You failed to list a price only mentioned what your trade item is.

I'm pretty sure he's looking to trade or trade + cash for a good two monolight set up.
purchased a promaster 2 light advanced 300c kit so i maybe keeping it... now to find a vagabond

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