FS: PocketWizard Mini TT1 for nikon and cybersyncs


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Nov 15, 2010
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I just bought this off of ebay. I have not used it. It comes in the box, with the usb cable and the user guides. Previous seller had excellent feedback so I assume he was honest in his description of it barely being used. I can test it to make sure it works later this week before shipping to the buyer.

I had bought it with the intention of picking up a Flex TT5. Upon looking I came across a bundle with the Mini TT1, 2 flexTT5, AC3 and case. So, I don't need one of the transmitters.

Price: SOLD!

Also considering selling the AC3 as I really don't see a need for it right now and I need to help cover some of my recent purchases.

I also have a Paul C buff Cybersync set consisting of a CST transmitter and CSRB receiver for sale. I got the with some alien bee set that I bought and have really not used them at all.

Price: $110 via Paypal
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Come on, someone wants to bail me out from pissing my wife off cause I bought more crap.
Had a chance today to check out the Mini TT1 that I am selling. It worked as it should with the flex TT5 transceivers. I also hooked it up to my mac to make sure it was all up to date on firmware etc. Box it came in is a little beat up in the corner, and it will not include the battery, but the unit itself is mint.
Someone has to want this, its 2wheelphoto approved!!!!
Mini TT1 sold!
Good! I picked one up a couple of weeks ago to go with my four TT5's... or I would have been all over this! They are awesome triggers!

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