Ft Morgan


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Dec 17, 2007
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Not sure if you call this photojournalism or not but here it is.

Just a few from my trip to Ft Morgan in Mobile Alabama. Built to protect the Bay in the Civil War.




Well, I feel they are too artistic in their making, i.e. in your choice of detail, of angles, for patterns and of framing, to really be called photojournalistic, but so be it. They are good photography of that fort. My personal favourites are the third and fourth (in your first post). (Numbering your photos would certainly help commenting on them a great deal). But they are all good.
Love the photos, but come on man. Do you really need that big of a watermark? put your name in the corner. Scrolling down the page, thats all i saw.
thank you everyone. and the watermark was my choice, you can still look at the pic
great shots.
Ditto the watermark :thumbdown:, and your freedom to make that choice :thumbup:

-Shea :mrgreen:
The last two are my personal favorites because of the composition's simplicity and the textures. The watermark is obnoxious though. And also, I'd not consider these photojournalistic in nature. But yeah, nice shots.

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