Fuji F200EXR vs. Canon Ixus 400

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    Hi there,

    Since I take most pictures while travelling, I need a small camera, which is good for landscapes, buildings, market scenes and portraits, and should be easy to use (changing some settings before the shot is O.K., but I don't wan't to solve a five parameter optimisation problem for every pic).
    I currently use a 4MP Ixus 400, which does the job quite well, but not always perfectly: In low light situations, e.g. at dusk or dawn or with a cloudy sky, pictures often get over- or underexposed, depending on the settings chosen. Another problem is the long release time.

    From what I've learned, the picture quality of compact cameras has reached its peak at 6MP resolution and has been decreasing ever since because of extra noise. The new "Super CCD" technology by Fuji is said to be changing this trend.

    Now my question: Is the picture quality of the Fuji F200EXR (or the F70EXR) significantly better than the one of the old Ixus 400? How well does it manage low light situations or a well lighted foreground against a dark background (e.g. clouds) compared to the Ixus? Which other advantages (or disadvantages) does it has over the old one? All tests I can find only compare the F200EXR with current models, which have the resolution-noise problem. So, I'm not sure whether I should keep using my old Ixus (which had its CCD sensor replaced just last year) or get a new F200EXR.

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