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Jul 6, 2003
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I've just been offered a chance to get fuji films at wholesale price and was wondering peoples thoughts on the various films.

I was particularly looking at the following:

- Fuji Neopan 100 Acros (and mabey a bit of Neopan 400)

- Fuji Reala (For Print Stuff - Mabey some superia 100 if its cheaper for happy snaps and the like)

- Fuji Velvia 50 (and mabey some 100F for slides)

I know nothing about fuji as i've never used the stuff and i've read some good reviews on the films, but just wondering the thoughts of you guys...

If the deal pulls through and the film works out at a decent price i'll probably make the switch to fuji stuff. I'll probably won't be using the slide film much except for landsacapes and specific excursions (as i think it's a waste for happy snaps, particularly the cost to develop and print).

Tell us what you think...

I don't know if the deal will hold for all of fuji's range (particularly if they aren't available here in Australia) but if you have any other suggestions let us know...

when i have shot color, i shot only fuji. it is hands down the best color emulsion out there. if possible, try to get your hands on the new 100f instead of the 50 in slide film.

you are not getting the best fuji color print film, but you could do worse.

i do like the acros films, but for my own reasons i prefer ilford. i will say, however; if i had to leave ilford, i'd shoot fuji b&w.
Reala is one of the best all purpose films to me from weddings to landscape if the speed is adequate for your shooting. Unless you carry a tripod over your shoulder all the time, there are times you need faster film. I especially like most Fuji films under mixed lighting conditions with their fourth emulsion layer.
I've only shot 2 rolls of Fuji print film (Superia) and it did well for what I was shooting, but Velvia is pretty hard to beat.

I've only shot 1 roll of the new Velvia 100, but didn't see much difference between that & the 50. The colors in 50 seem slightly more saturated than the 100, but the jury is still out. I'm still testing. The 50 is cheaper at the moment (like it makes a huge difference at wholesale!), though that will likely change once the "newness" hysteria dies down a bit.

Velvia sucks for people portraits, unless it's somebody you don't like. :lol:

I shoot all fuji except for b&w. In my fridge is 4 rolls of Sensia 100, 3 rolls rolls of Superia 100, 2 rolls of Velvia 50 and 3 rolls of Ilford HP5. Vacation is in 2 days! :)

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