Fuji GX617 kit for sale


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Jan 15, 2012
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I just placed the following for sale on ebay;

Fuji GX617 Pro + EBC fujinon SW 105mm + Focussing Screen + Center Filter | eBay

- Camera body - Fuji GX617 Professional (Medium Format Panoramic Camera).
- Lens - Fuji 105 mm lens for GX617 (EBC fujinon SW 105mm f/8 Copal).
- Viewfinder - Fuji 105mm viewfinder for GX617.
- Lens hood - Fuji lens hood for GX617.
- Focusing screen - Fuji focusing screen for GX617.
- Center filter - Fuji center filter for GX617 105mm (ND - 2x 77mm diameter).
- Cable release - Generic manual cable release.
- Case - Not specific to this camera - included for safe shipping (no keys)

I am selling my GX617 kit simply to allow me to afford to upgrade my DSLR.
This is a beautiful camera which produces spectacular panoramic images. I am sad to be selling this kit, but I do not currently have the free time to use it and can't justify having it sat unused.
This camera has had very little use, approx 50 rolls of film, since it was purchased new.

Starting price is £2000

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