Fujifilm being evil?


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Jan 2, 2008
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I am very satisfied with my camera (sig) but there is something fishy about it. In the manual it says you can ONLY use Fujifilm's AC-5VX AC Adapter. I looked online and it's $40 without shipping!

The second thing I noticed was that when I upload photos to my PC, the LCD is locked on a full WHITE display. I tried turning on the EVF to save power (since I figure a smaller screen uses less power than a big one) but it won't let you. Is this a purposeful attempt to drain batteries to get you to buy their overpriced AC adapter? :meh:
It could be worse! Everyone praises B&H photo here so much look at there price for it http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/con...lSearch=yes&O=RootPage.jsp&A=search&Q=*&bhs=t

Wow, I wonder how many people have actually bought that from them. They are selling the camera's AC adapter for over half the camera's price (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/492490-REG/Fujifilm_15747988_FinePix_S700_Digital_Camera.html).

Well I refuse to pay high prices for a glorified power cord that comes with lots of other simple electronic gadgets. My router is powered by an AC adapter and it cost $40. You could probably get it now for less...

Do all cameras turn on their LCDs to waste power when they are uploading pictures or is it just this one?
I have the same camrea as you do. I to get the bright white screen when transfering pictures to the pc. However I usally just pull out the sd card and put it in my laptop since there is a slot for it. I also use energizer 2650mah rechargeible and can take 550 pictures before it dies. I did not get the extra ac power cord. I think its a waste unless your shooting all day long in a stuido. Hope that helps.
If you don't want to waste the batteries while you transfer your photos, get a card reader like this one.
At least it's not as bad as a $500 canon lens hood.

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