Fujifilm S1 or 9900w?


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Nov 12, 2015
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So I have been looking for a superzoom camera that is affordable. Through my research, I have pretty much narrowed it to the Fujifilm S1 and the Fujifilm 9900w.

Now I don't know a whole lot about what all the specs mean, but it seems the internals of the two cameras are fairly similar.

I like the weather seal on the S1 because I enjoy taking landscape pictures outside. this is not necessary to me though. But, I like that the 9900w uses AA batteries. I like the idea of being able to easily find new batteries if I run out while traveling. I have liked this option on my previous cameras. I'm not opposed to a specific battery type like most cameras have, but I would prefer AA batteries. I would not want to let this sway me to the 9900w if the S1 is functionally superior.

I know these cameras aren't super stars in low light conditions, but low light capabilities are pretty important for the pictures I like to take.

I found both these cameras brand new online for the same price. So price won't sway it either way.

Does anyone have any input on which way I should go? I am also open to other suggestions. But, I would prefer to keep it reasonably cheap. I won't buy a $750 camera that is comparable. This will tide me over for a while until I get my own DSLR.

So which camera would you suggest? Or is there a better option?

Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any input!
The S1 takes 350 pics on a full charge and you can also buy a second battery.
The lens on the S1 is a little faster and it has an articulated screen, wich helps
taking pics from different angles. The screen has a higher resolution. This are
the advantages on the S1, next to it being weathershielded.
The image quality will be about the same on both cameras.
So it's up to you. Take the one you prefer yourself.
A little better are the Nikon P610 and the Canon SX60HS.
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Thanks for the response. I think I will go with the S1. It seems to be the best match for what I want in the camera.
Much fun with the new camera.

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