Full kit incl. ShenHao, Rod'stock 150 & 90 lenses+612

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    Hi everyone,

    I graduated a year ago and I work freelance in various fields such as events and sports and selling panoramas (from digital). In June 08 I purchased a beautiful collection of large format kit direct, in-shop from Robert White, Bournemouth UK. My reasons - I wanted to really push my creative boundaries and supplement my digital prints, with prints from negative. At the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to move into sports photography, but really saw it as a long term goal. That outlook has now changed and I’m desperate to make a push to photograph sports for a living. Here’s the problem: realistically to purchase a sports lens (digital) I really need to sell/trade my newly purchased kit.

    I have shot only 4 rolls of film (with the Horseman Back) and the kit is as new as if I bought it yesterday.

    Here is the kit list:

    ShenHao TZ45-IIA
    Horseman 612 Roll Film Holder,

    Rodenstock 150 Apo Sironar N + panel,
    Rodenstock 90/6.8 Grandagon + recessed panel,
    Shen Hao Wide Angle Bellows,
    Horseman 6x lupe,
    Sekonic L308,
    Large dark cloth,
    Shutter release

    Grand Total after tax: £2386.00 / $4713.00

    Everything is brand new except the Horseman RFH - but still paid £300 ($593) for it as is in perfect condition.

    Other than shooting the four rolls (one in my garden & three in a friends!) the kit has not left a sealed container on my desk. I feel like it’s too early in my career to take the time to really utilize this top level kit and would be much better in the hands of someone more committed to large format.

    If you are interested in making me a realistic offer please email me on tom@tomstapley.com. You can also chat to me on Aim, screen name Tom Stapley.

    I am based in Colchester (UK) and am happy to ship worldwide or arrange a pick up. If you would like photographs or any more information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    Thanks for reading,

    Kind Regards

    Tom Stapley


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