Fun with Water (C&C, if ya want)


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Jun 13, 2010
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Just playing around...




I was only playing around! I can't bounce the on camera flash... I know it's harsh, but these aren't portfolio pics...
I did have 2 sheets of toilet paper over it with a rubberband and had it turned down super low.
I was only playing around! I can't bounce the on camera flash... I know it's harsh, but these aren't portfolio pics...

No, they are not portfolio pics. But you are here to learn, right?
I am impressed you tried to difuse the flash at least. #3 would be great if it weren't for the harsh shadows.

Yes, you can bounce your flash with the pop up. Google it for some DIY pics and instruction. Basically you can use a white index card mounted in front of the flash at a 45 degree angle. You may need to increase the flash power using this method.

With this series, have you noticed anything fairly consistent when you turn your camera in portrait orientation?

The tissue paper is a decent option. Another option is to use a white business card or a piece of aluminum foil to deflect your flash (each offer different results). It all depends on your camera orientation, but beneath the flash to bounce up is a good bet. It's not always the solution, but it is a good alternative when in the mix.
Well Mom to Mom They Are ADORABLE and extremly scrapbook worthy ,,, your sons a cutie with amazing eyelashes !!
Ty ma'am.

Yes I am trying to learn. Despite my argumentative nature I. Did want c and c and it is appreciated. I will try these new tactics. Thanks everyone!
If you bounce a flash in a shower stall, the light comes in from the top, and the water has hardly any delineation...diffusing the flash is the better idea...try it yourself and see...
in #3 the spigot and the water carry their own flash shadows...if the flash were to come in from above, the stream of water would have much less impact, visually. These are snapshots, of course, so, diffusing the flash is a good idea; if you had been able to use something like a 5x7 inch softbox, on-camera, your shots would be much better than any bounce flash shots.
Soon... soon I will be getting a hotshoe flash and a few diffusers. *sigh* I can't wait!
Okay, now that we have passed the aforementioned issues, there is on more to be addressed. I want to walk on eggshells with this, but I can't seem to let it go. By and large the images seem to be snapshots, which in this case is very much welcomed. I only want to mention care should be given with posting on an international forum on underaged children. Much can be discussed about this, but at the end of the day all I wish to do is caution you on the nature of the images. I know, I know.... they are harmless in intent and it disheartens me to say this, but please do have dicretion when displaying images of your children.

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