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Apr 2, 2008
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ontario canada
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Ok before you ask i am away and can't upload any pictures right now sorry but this is buging me. i have a nikon d80 and a 18 - 200 lens. the other day the wife was snaping a couple of pics of some fish i caught later when i looked at them there is a shadow on the bottom of the picture just in the center. i snaped a couple and it apears that the shadow only apears when on the wides setting and when the on board flash fires i thought maybe it was the lens hood it didn't apear to change anyone have any ideas
here is a example of the shadow you can see it bottom center at the edge. this was taken with the on board flash camra on auto i only get this with the flash and no hood

It's a shadow from the lens. The line of sight from the flash to that shadow is through the end of the lens. Picture this: If you were to stretch a string from the flash to the shadow, the string would would be interfered with by the lens.

You need to get your flash off camera, or find a way to bounce it off the ceiling or something like that. Maybe one of the on board flash diffusers that are out there on the market can help with it.

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