Fur Trimmed Hat (Pick One)


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Jun 3, 2014
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Shores of Lake Erie
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Emma Beauty 2 (1 of 1).jpg Emma BW 2 (1 of 1).jpg
I think it's unfortunate to have all the fine hair lines interfering with the model's left side and forehead.
Wow, that is a hard call.....:aiwebs_016: I think I am leaning toward B&W. But still not sure. :twoface:
Yeah, me too, leaning toward the B&W shot. Why? The color shot shows some purple fringing in the out of focus area, due to the wide f/stop iuse on that lens, and that color fringing is making the OOF fur command a little bit more attention than it does in the B&W version. The one eye is a bit OOF, and in the B&W version, that seems a bit less noticeable. The two versions are not radically different from one another (the B&W conversion appear pretty "straight", and not "exotic" or "filtered"), so this is just a leaning toward shot for me, like a 60/40 at most...neither one is a hands-down, clear, most-definitely type of winner.
I agree with kundalini that the hair on her face is distracting, especially on the color shot.

I'm leaning towards the color one simply because everything just fits so well. The color of her eyes and lips and skin is beautifully complimented by the fur.
Color. I really like the colors in this pic.
I like the B & W one better. Her eyes "POP" better in the B & W. Hard choice but you asked. She is very beautiful.
Why choose? I say both.
I agree. Both look very nice.

If I had to pick one, I'm going with B&W. @Derrel brings up a good point that the fur demands more attention in the color than B&W. When I first looked at them, I noticed the fur in the color version and her face in the B&W version.
Both are nice, but I love the way her eyes stand out in the b/w.
Colour, I would suggest try make left eye as prominent as the right, it seems a little soft and dull in comparison to the right. Some very slight retouching would make this shot killer.
It looks to me like kind of a random crop and there are probably other crop options that are better.

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