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Jan 16, 2011
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Chicago, IL
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I always thought it was my camera's ISO setting on above 400 at work. However, I took this on a tripod at 3 second exposure, f 2.5, and ISO at 100. What could it possibly be? I also used a tamoron 17-50mm f2.5 lens.
Im talking about the fuzz on the ear cups of the headphones, background etc.
http://i.imgur.com/mc0My.jpg (Big Picture)!
Was this jpg or raw? What compression setting was used for the jpg (either in camera or post)?
Jpeg, 15mp 4752x3168, as far as the compression I am not sure. It is straight from the dslr btw (Canon Rebel T1i).
On the foam ear cup? That's blur from shallow depth of field.
Google for a DoF calculator to learn about how narrow your area of focus will be at any given aperture at any given distance.
and exposure problems... brighten it up with a deeper DoF and it will be pristine...
it's long exposure noise

noise isn't only caused by high iso

it will go away with a faster shutter speed
Looks sharp to me (where it's supposed to be sharp anyway)
it helped alot though... no matter what there will be some noise... i zoomed in and i couldn't see much noise... but 2 second is a long ass shutter speed...

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