GAHH! Sb-800 stopped firing


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May 3, 2008
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So my sb 800 randomly stopped firing. I put in brand new batteries, cleaned the terminals and still no flash. It turns on, but when you try to fire it, the red light next to "ready" just blinks for a second then stays solid red again.

Any help would be awesome!
probably the bulb is the problem.
probably the bulb is the problem.

Do you think? I would presume that the ready light turns on when the cap reaches a charged and ready state. If it flicks on and off, perhaps the capacitor is damaged, weakened or just old?

I'm no expert, just thinking out loud.

Either way, it will need professional attention. Time to send it in, IMHO.
If the cap is damaged you'd likely get no ready light at all and the constant high pitched charging squeal of the circuit charging the cap. That is for most failures anyway.

Can you set it to Manual 1/1 and hit the test fire button?
Good point... so (to Ejazzle) , does the unit make a constant high-pitched squeal as it is trying to charge a damaged cap non stop?
No it doesnt fire when on M 1/1 and it doesnt have that high pitch noise. It just has the normal noise of being on and ready to fire.

That thread is interesting so far. But can you sum up the last 3 pages for me. lol

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