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May 31, 2013
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Franklin, TN
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Hi- I haven't been on here before, but am finding myself stuck on some pricing issues! I'm loving the gallery blocks that Artsy Couture is putting out, and I think they will be big sellers, but since they are fairly new, I am not sure where to price them at since the cost is pretty high to begin with. They start at at least $100 and don't get any bigger than 25x22, so it isn't a huge piece of art, however they are really anyone selling these or seeing them sold and for how much? Thanks!
I don't sell these and unfortunately I've never seen them sold but I would say a good rule of thumb for expensive high end products like this is a 2.5-3x mark-up to see how they sell to start. I always do at least 2.5x to start so that I have enough money for that specific product to reprint if something were to go wrong and I am at fault, but I can still make a profit in the end.

Hope this helps!

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