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GARBZ!! (or other brissy people)


still being picky Vicky
Feb 21, 2005
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Pleeeeaaaasseeee PM me Garbz!! (or better yet ring me??)

I seriously need a huge help today for a photo shoot ... well actually all I need is to borrow a CF card for a shoot at 12pm today.

and I don't know anyone else on here who's from brisbane... although I know you're out there somewhere! hehehe.

Oh and I also have a job going at the moment for my photography business over the christmas holidays. So if you're in Brisbane,.... seriously call me!!! (number's on my website)
umm okay.. nevermind... I've found him.


Blood pressure slowly dropping now....

Hahahahahaha. Sorry dude! :blushing:

It was great to meet you today! and thanks again so much for all your help.

Talk soon!
You two had a tiny TPF Meet-Up???
And there are NO PHOTOS of the event, nor any thread of its own!?!?!? :shock: Tsk-tsk-tsk!!!
Ha ha ha. Well basically it was me throwing myself on his doorstep begging for help. Then running off for a few hours with one of his memory cards, then returning with a bottle of wine for him! hehehe

Hmmm put like that it does sound like there should be some good photos!! :) Wooo!

But really, it was just a function I had to photograph. If a good measure of how successful you are as a photographer is by the number of blisters you have on your little finger (from holding the camera up) then I'm off the scale! hahaha. It was horrible and sweaty today, so I got a little tiny blister on my finger. :-( Ah well,,, the things we do for money.

edit: oooh and I forgot to mention that in almost 3 years of tpf membership, I've never met another member until today. Wooo! Milestone for me. :)
"Milestone", indeed.
You aren't planning to travel to Europe again next year in May then, just by any chance? It WOULD be your big, big chance to meet a lot more TPF members, and after three years of membership ... or almost ... wouldn't you think it is time to meet some of us to celebrate? Hm? Hm? Hm? THINK about it :biggrin:!
hahahaha yes there was a tiny TPF meetup. Lasted about 10 minutes :)

I'll open the bottle tomorrow and post pictures of me inebriated later :cheers:

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