GAS and a Youtube Rant!


hmm I recognise this place! And some of you!
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May 1, 2008
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GAH ok so I might be lusting after a 120-300mm OS from Sigma (sometimes I think I should just sell my 7D and go buy one of those Sigma cameras - I can hardly say I'm a canon shooter with only 2 canon lenses ;)).

So as a way to try and get over my lust (or get deeper in) I've been nosing around youtube and I can't believe how few good videos there are on there. Seriously its as if there are only one or two people who ever make anything good (and Digital Rev haven't done a 120-300m OS review :(). Come on people we need more on youtube!!!!!!!! Erose where are you? You can do youtubings right?
Erose where are you? You can do youtubings right?


Uhhh... sure? I dunno that I could come up with anything INTERESTING to say... and if I did it's probably piss of 1,000,000,003 people (Exactly that number)... but TECHNICALLY speaking... am I capable of incoherent ramblings and utilizing an upload button? Yep. :lol: :biggrin:
LOL...the New To Photo guys posted a rant about "Gadget Acquisition Syndrome" that was both insightful and entertaining

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e.rose Ahh 1,000,000,003 people is nothing - I'm sure my pics of bugs scare far far more ;) (including myself when the spiders jump)

cepwin - he needs to make another video for advanced GAS resistance ;)

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