FYI, most people won't click on an external link to look at photos, so it's very likely that there's been 74 people that looked at this thread but didn't see your photos.

You'll get a better response rate if you insert the photos right into the thread. Here's the instructions on how to do it, in case you haven't seen it yet:
Ok, I'll give it a go. Pic 1: Nicely composed and sharp. However, the tree trunks on the left, just below the house, are lacking in detail as they're too dark.
Pic 2: Water is sharp with nice detail. But the bird is way too soft overall--nothing sharp there.
Pic 3: Looks like your subjects are the two birds in the foreground, but, again, they are dark and lack detail. Also, I'd crop all, or almost all of the constructions on the shore along with the bridges. Very busy and detracts from the bird scene.

Just MHO.
Your edit improved all three pics, although #s 1 & 3 could still be lightened a bit more (or it could be my monitor?). Pic 2 is really improved overall. Good shot.

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