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"Geet to da choppa!!!!"

Hooligan Dan

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Mar 10, 2008
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Bay Area, CA
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When I started working for a small daily newspaper I had two simple, short-term goals for my time there. One was to become the chief photographer and the other was to photograph Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was named chief photographer early this year and today, in the immortal words of G.W. Bush, "Mission accomplished."

Most of my shots were of a local police officer who was awarded the medal of valor, but I couldn't resist getting a couple shots of the big man(though considerably smaller in person) himself. Not a lot of varying shots because I had to stand in one place the whole time, but so worth it.



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And he's what now.... 63?

Great shots Dan.

Character shows in #3, but #1 is killer.

Congratz on the new promotion too. :thumbsup:
The last shot of the governor with former governor Jerry Brown is really nice Dan!
He was out here in Shanghai 2 weeks ago where I am working to give a little speech...took this pic from the crowd with my work camera P/S...

Congrats on the promotion, Dan. I've enjoyed your work for some time.

congrats on the promotion

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