getting a new tripod today


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May 25, 2007
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Madoc, Ontario Canada
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i believe its the manfrotto 055cx3.. i know its manfrotto, just cant quite remember the model, but that one seems to ring a bell.. and it has the 322rc2 ball head on it.. i was in the store playing with it last week, and it seems to be the one for me... hmmm just checked ebay for them.. i dont think i have the right model number.. the one i'm getting is around $150..
Don't just play with it in the store - have them unbox it for you and check the resistive action of the center column. If it can't hold the weight of your kit (don't assume it can), then its going to creep down in the field, and worse, if you reverse the center column to get low shots.
If its about $150, its probably the 055XProB. Its the same as the 3021BPro which Manfrotto rename to the 055XProB a while back. I have a 3021BPro with the 322rc2 head and really like it. Enjoy!

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