Getting Started can be discouraging


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Apr 22, 2006
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All I can say is Ughhh at the moment. Just a phase I must blunder through I guess. Knowing I know NOT what I am doing, spent the last 10 days repairing cleaning and making ready all my gear, from light seals to overhaul of the nikon shutter. So I load up the 2 olympuses and run a test roll through each one. OM1 returns good images, but the OM10 test was the auto side, and all over exposed. Sadly the subjects of the overexposed are good, but even photoshoip manipulation can not restore the lack of chroma in them. Of course the OM1 shots are just lifeless really. Sure the payoff is knowing what needs done yet, but ..... ehhh just frustrated.
I have one more day to work with and will test the nikon out, then will have to wait again for several weeks to get try my ability out to see things.
At least I will be able to start a web page during that time, where I can post my flubs and get opinions on what I am doing wrong.
Forgive my rant folks, I feel better now :)
Sometimes a break is needed. When ever I get flusterd with something I take a break. The break may even be a couple days. Or just a couple minutes. Step back relax or maybe pick something else up. Then once you have had some time. Step back in and see if any new ideas crop up.
Thank you HAs A Jeep :D
Yeah, a lil nap and some thinking, helps a bit here. Your right though, all the hours in the technical has mushed the creative part of the mind, so a few days of just wandering around would help, so Ill take that tomorrow and gather new ideas. In 2 weeks I will try and make a day trip away and that will probably re-inspire me.
Guess I just had to rant a bit, thinking I am seeing it and not really capturing what my mind thinks it see's/
I have to remember the creative part of this is rather tedious too, million shots to one good one.
Thanks again Ben :D

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