"ghosting" in mirror pictures


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Apr 10, 2009
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Hi all, this is my first post here (but shouldn't be my last). I recently bought a Nikon D90 and, as a result, have been much more active in my photo-taking. I'd eventually like to share some photos for critique.

For now, I'm having a problem with mirrors. Take a look at the photo below. I'm getting some sort of doubling on the reflection that makes it look shaky or out of focus. I can notice it even when not looking through the camera. I thought it may just be my mirror, but I went to Home Depot today and all of the mirrors there had the same effect. Is there any sort of special mirror that I have to buy to get a clear reflection? Or is there maybe some technique I'm missing out on?

So we're clear, its very visible on the stem on the left. Thanks in advance!

Here is a closer look:
Ordinary mirrors are made by coating the back surface with a highly-reflective substance. When you see a reflection in such a mirror, you see the reflection from the back surface. But the front surface also reflects light, though nowhere near as strongly. So it is possible to see the front-surface reflection as well as the back surface reflection.

This can be eliminated by using a front-surface coated mirror. Such a mirror only reflects light from the front surface, so there's no possibility of a 'ghost'.
You didn't attach an image but from your description I can guess your problem. Mirrors are silvered on the back of the glass, you are probably getting a reflection both from the silvering and the glass.

To eliminate it you would need a mirror silvered on the front of the glass. Or a polarizing filter may help.
Thanks Torus and Mike for the quick response! Looks like I will have to get one of those mirrors. I tried using my 67mm Tiffen Circular Polarizer but it didn't really do anything.
did you rotate it?
If set to the right position is should stop/block a lot of reflection from mirror surfaces (I have used one to reduce reflections in zoo window glass).
It helps if we can see the image

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