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Nov 19, 2008
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What are they there for then, Michael? Are they "walking advertisment boards" with their t-shirts? Do they want to lure you into "certain" clubs?
I like this photo, and if the background was busy, well then ... in a photojournalistic approach you have to take what you can get, I say.

(To me, who I am living in a country where temperatures are kind of moderate all year round, a policeman in shorts looks a little ... erm ... cough-cough ... ridiculous, to me it seems long trousers make persons seem more respectable than shorts... just a side thought I'm having).
He has an M&M's bag haha!
loving the bright colours of the tops :thumbup:
Haha, nice! You're lucky they didn't confiscate your camera! :lol:
anyone else notice the awesome choice for a phone number considering the business theyre in?
i bet the girls have a mouthful trying to count up to 70 then huh? :)
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That's funny. I wonder what they could have done to get hassled by the man? Those guys are everywhere on the strip, and I've never seen them get the business from the cops in my 5+ trips there. I know they aren't supposed to talk to passersby or accost them, and they pretty much ignore you if you ignore them. A few years ago, I got some great video of the LV police talking to a guy with a 9-foot boa constrictor in front of the Mirage. They saw me and didn't seem to care.

And for the record, I not a fan of 696-9699, I much prefer 732-SLUT. :lol:
They look like they could be illegals. The cop is probably looking for his green card. :p
That is great, I also can't stand those guys. If I want little cards with nude woman on them I will go and get them myself. You don't need to hand them out on every corner.
Hmm, I wonder what they got busted for. Those guys (some gals too) are everywhere! It got to the point where we used the cards as trading cards with other people we were walking with :lol:

"Do you have Cynthia yet?"
Looks like the cop in the shorts needs to wear them more often...

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