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May 8, 2006
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fun stuff, i'm shooting some portraits of working people at night 6x4.5 on tri-x ei 1600

this is one, but the print wouldn't fit in my scanner so i took a picture of it with the d200 and used white balance to tone it a little.
Since this is a photo of a photo, it might be the reason, but can you see his legs in the original? They get kind of lost, and my eye is drawn to that bright thing between them. I love how his skin tone is the same as the wall behind him! Also the interesting forms of all the tubing! Great location. :)
thanks, and it doesn't look exactly like the print, but there isn't much detail in the legs. . . but it was super dark, and it is tri-x 400 pushed two stops, so theres not much in the pants on the negative.

and heck yeah, its one of my favorite locations, although i have posted only like . . . 2 photos from there.

as for the legs though i didn't worry about it, people know he has legs, their minds should fill it in i think
Legs or no legs, it's awesome. Did you do a closeup of his face?
i haven't really yet, i have one but i'm not happy with it, but i'll be there again this weekend and will make a point to get one and post it.
took a headshot, not sure bout it though, i'll develop it monday, i really want one where he isn't wearing a hat, but its like his macho thing, he looks a lot older wo the hat, i'll have to work him up to it, it totally changes who he appears to be.
Very nice!!! I like this one alot is he in a dairy or a brewery? I tried to figure it out and narrowed it down to 2.

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