Go-Karts, Take 2


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Jan 17, 2010
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New Zealand
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Our local club had a race meet over the weekend so I went along for some more practice.

These are what I consider to be the best of the bunch.

1. Not the best technically, but I like the action, wheel off the ground, attitude of the lead kart and driver.


2. Spied another shooter, an idea came to mind to somehow include him in the action, shot 4 or 5 frames to get this, I wanted him as the focus with a Kart in the BG. He was wearing a hideously coloured top (must be a Nikon owner thing :p ), tried altering the colour of it, but I think the BW version works out ok.


3. From analysing last weeks shoot I decided I needed to not only convey movement, but also drama, only got a couple shots with wheels off the ground though, they are doing a street race soon, should be better for that type of thing.


4. I found with most shots of the karts that I tend to prefer an undersaturated image, especially when it comes to the backgrounds, seems more dramatic that way, BW on panning shots I think works better than a full colour image.


5. I also aimed to get the drivers eyes (where the visors allowed) and facial expressions, the concentration, eye direction, tension, these guys (and the odd girl) are under a fair g-load in some of the corners I suspect.


Any feedback appreciated.

Full set can be found here BOP Kart Club 5-9-10 - a set on Flickr
great shots once again;)


Amazing clarity for a fast moving subject!

Thanks, takes some practice and alot of shots are discarded.

I have now been granted access to the inner track area (indemnity form just needs to signed and I have to wear a hi-vis vest), so next time I can get some better angles.

I am also in contact with our local speedway to try and gain access to the inner field for the start of the season later this year. 800hp sprint cars, glowing brake discs, white hot exhaust pipes, sparks, mud, crashes, godamn im getting excited already!!!!
Number 3 is my favorite . love the comp and sense of drama, wish the other guys visor was all black too. but thats not your fault.

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