Godox Strip Softbox DIY Fix

Discussion in 'Lighting and Hardware' started by JBPhotog, Dec 4, 2019.

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    I recently bought a couple of the 35cm x 160cm Godox Strip Softboxes for a specific job and was surprised they are actually quite good for the price.

    There is a caveat though, and that is with the silver interior. As with most silver interiors it tends to create uneven distribution of light resulting in a hot centre area of the front diffusion. Even with the extra internal diffusion installed the falloff was the same. For this reason, virtually all of my other softbox modifiers have white interiors. The silver is a nice pebbled surface which does help IMO distribute light reflecting off of it.

    With my Speedotron Black Line 102 heads the falloff was over a stop and a third from the centre to the long edge, with the Godox AD600 the falloff was one and half stops. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth I built some softboxes out of foam core and DIY'ed some deflector plates out of stainless steel to act as a sort of beauty dish deflector to distribute the light. Well, since I don't throw anything out I dug them out of the parts bin and MacGyvered a few screws, spacers and washers to adapt them to the Godox speedring. Pulling a speedring insert from one of my Chimera Speedotron rings it drops right into the Godox one, perfect.

    The result with the deflector plate installed reduces the centre to long edge falloff to 1/3 of a stop with the Speedo 102 head and 1/2 a stop with the Ad600. I can live with that, in fact it is nearly perfect in my estimation. Here's some photos of the two heads deflector installed.

    godox_defl_01.jpg godox_defl_02.jpg godox_defl_03.jpg godox_defl_04.jpg godox_defl_05.jpg godox_defl_06.jpg

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    Good photos. Thank you for the write-up.
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