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Feb 22, 2009
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Yes, another one for some C&C. Personally, I'm not too happy with the color, it looks a bit dull. If anyone has any tips on how to selectively brighten up the colors, especially the grass and the shirt on the guy in the front. It's supposed to be a blue-ish shirt but looks more dark purple to brown instead.

I tweaked the skin tone on the face too. It was kind of too red in my opinion, but i wonder if I took away too much.


sky is VERY blown out... and white balance seems off
it was a very cloudy day, and i mean literally, the entire sky was gray. you're right, the white balance does look off. funny how it looked ok when i was adjusting it.

is it too warm or what?
yea to warm... their skin has a yellow/red tinge to it.. the bag on the left is also very distracting to me
sigh.. i thought getting a piece of the bag in with the shot would add an extra element.

gotta keep practicing i guess. :mrgreen:
if it was in focus, it might be cool, but its not..

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