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    Well in the last week we picked up 3 lenses and another flash.

    Been putting off buying some lenses for a while but decided might as well just get them now. So picked up of a 50mm f/1.4, 85mm f/1.8. Really was holding out for the f/1.4 but after reading reviews I think the f/1.8 will be just fine for now. And not so sure the f/1.4 is really worth $1,000 more after reading a bunch of side by side comparision reviews.
    Then we also added a SB-900 go with our gaggle of other flashes. I was hesitant about the SB-900 due to people writing about having issues with it. But hoped by now they had the majority of the kinks worked out.

    And for my travel camera (D40X) picked up a 55-200vr. Was thinking of the Tamron 18-270, but got a very good price on the 55-200vr new, so picked it up. We have 2 bags and 2 back packs and we are getting short on room now.

    It's a problem we can live with. :mrgreen: There are plenty more bags available for purchase. :lol:


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