Good, bad, or...

Not...too good.

The DoF is soooo shallow. In the first photo, I'm not even sure what the subject is supposed to be. In the second one, the area that is in focus is so small when compared to the rest of the frame. The subject is swarfed by the DoF
To me having a shallow dof in these two photos is a little confusing as to what it is your trying to photograph.It makes the photo to busy. Just my opinion.
Thanks for your honest opinion everyone. This was something new to me as I never really tried composing by trying to look at things as shapes and textures apposed to what they actually are. I also never really tried black and white I guess this really isn't my best, but I guess I'll just go forward with a positive outlook ;)
I think that you have just tried to include too much. For example, you have a rock, but then a whole lot of other stuff out of focus. I am confused as to what you want me to look at.

The top photo has an interesting form in it. The little hanging down green thing with a droplet out front looks like it could be a little creature. Zoom in close, let it fill the screen. Omit the mass of out of focus stuff. Pick one specific subject and make your choice obvious. We do not need to recognize what it is, but it has to be interesting, something that grabs our interest and attention.

Black and whites work nicely if you have a lot of contrast. Keep trying!
A shallow depth of field does not equal an artistic photo. Ask yourself, is there anything else interesting aside from the DoF? What else is there to draw the viewer in?

Compositionally, they don't work either. I don't get a sense of where I am or any sort of presence with them. If you were shooting for abstract, than it wouldn't matter. You need to "ground" your audience with creations like what you have posted. All you have shown is some strangely focused moss (is it upside down, right-side up, in space?) and a rock.

There should more to your photos. Give the audience something to look at.

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