Good CF card reader?


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Sep 5, 2010
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I know it sounds like a stupid question, but since my last card reader died I've bought two different ones and the faster one is only reading at 1.5MB/s. And this is with 300X and 400X CF cards. I'm sure it's the reader because 1) there's nothing else plugged into the same USB host, so there's definitely nothing else hogging up the controller, 2) the last one worked just fine at ~25MB/s (but is no longer being sold), and 3) when hooking a CF card up to an IDE adapter it reads images at >50MB/s, so the cards are definitely working great.

I'd like an internal one if anyone knows of a good one, but I care more about the speed than if it's on my desk or not.
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sandisk is my latest.

as cards get bigger if is often necessary to change readers.

for my classes i must have had to change readers at least three times as people are using much larger cards and the reader has to be able to match the specs.

Don't always expect the staff at some stores to know the difference. Sad but true.

Deal with a vendor who knows their product.
CF card readers don't have problems with size limits. CF cards have always followed ATA specs, starting out with an official size limit of 137GB from the get-go (28-bit LBA). But they've increased speeds since then, and that's where the problem lies :/

I might just end up getting that addonics SATA one, even though it means I'll still need another one for SDHC. At least the speed will always be maxed that way :)
thanks for the tip,

what i did learn the hard way old reader would not read newer cards

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