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Feb 27, 2006
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Caught him on the way out from my house one Sat. morning.

Nice action shot! Focus is spot on too. I might rotate the pic clock wise a tad imo......

Very cool picture ... if you upped the contrasts just a smidge, would that no longer be true enough to life?
That snake does NOT look friendly.
Are they dangerous?
The only snakes I know are ours here in my daughter's terrarium, and they are harmless enough, even though they do make you start when they are hungry and go for ANYTHING they assume could be food, including a hand...
Beautiful rattler. I miss playing with these guys. If you have help from a friend to distract one with something high (like shaking a branch over your head, you can get a whole lot closer (just move sloooooow). It will pay attention to the branch and not you.
LA... Yes VERY dangerous!!! the venom is not fun at all, as is all pit vipers. (Notice the rattle.) As for the contrast, I prob. could to make him pop out a bit more, but with Rattle snakes, thats the point. God made em so you CANT see em! Lol..
And yes, he was a bit annoyed with me.

Eric.. Good point, howver the shot was taken on a dirt road that actually slopes upward like that.

When I took the shot, I was taking some friend's kids out to a scienic area, and they had never before seen a rattlesnake in real life. Well, this ol' boy was sunning himself on the road, and I stopped. Got out and took about 6 shots. Three of them on the ground about 3 feet away. (Well within the striking zone.)

Oh and Love... These guys... they are way too sharp for that. Ive tried.. Lol.. Something about NM rattlers.. They are not like other snakes... They are very good at being alert to everything. But hey.. Thats what makes em fun!!
Thats one cranky viper! Great capture and resolve. :thumbup:

I agree with LA, maybe a little more contrast. Tighter crop (so I can see his gaze!)

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