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Apr 19, 2003
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Pasco, WA
Shot this on the way to work this morning.


If anyone wants to see the big version it's here.

Jim, that is absolutely fantastic!
You're getting good at this photography thing huh?
So what's the details on exposure etc?
I'm impressed that the sun hasn't washed everything out.
Assuming I ever find a job again, I'd like a shot like that in my office.
Great job as always Jim!
wow, thats gorgeous!!!!! ... maybe i'll shoot that good someday :D
What a great photo! Colors are so intense early in the morning. You've taught us all a good lesson. Always have your camera with you.
Okay, I gotta 'fess up- I darkened this using Curves in Photoshop to remove the distracting foreground (plants & road). Nothing was washed out though. I usually hate lens flares, but I kinda like these.

The exif data says-

Manual Mode (it's a control thing, just hate letting the camera do that auto thing)
ISO 100
1/1000 sec
lens: 22.2mm (~100mm film equivalent)
Pattern metering mode (points from all over the frame)

Sid, I occasionally stumble into a decent pic. :wink:

Beautiful Jim. It must be nice to have clouds. I'm still waiting for the monsoon season here in the bone dry desert.
This was the last bunch of clouds I've seen. This was the next morning, hasn't been a cloud in the sky since. Just boring blue...

Not as dramatic as the last one. I switched cameras right after this & hopefully got the good shots on film. I'll know when I finish the roll & get it developed.

Anyway, here 'tis...


Hi Jim,
Looks like you stumbled into another winner!
Love the colors and patterns on the cloud edge.
Very very nice.

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